dear diary: i just realized i scheduled a guild meeting during the weekend ill be over at pent’s

womp womp

Pent: Okay but
Pent: imagine Zangz going to Liniadel with "crucial information"
Pent: and he brings in another undead with him
Pent: and Lini can tell he's one of Sylvanas' deathguard
Pent: and as soon as she asks what the deal is
Pent: Zangz looks her straight in the eye
Pent: and says
Pent: "Soldier boy, tell them."
Me: i cannot even with you right now


carolina’s eyes are a mix of their two colors that’s cute

I saw something about a yorkalina weekend idk here’s a silly little thing

sometimes, dead ISN’T better

Anonymous inquired:
I have a request. I'd like some Yorkalina maybe?



every good boss knows impromptu base-jumping is an important team-building exercise.


"If I said I liked your armor, would you hold it against me?"

have some more sketchy-trash OTP while i aggressively work through my even trashier art block



the only dracula beard that matters is alucard’s

I beg to differ. It looks good - but it’s not stache/goatee combo good

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmdat stache

the only dracula beard that matters is alucard’s


By: Solid & Etc